HCI Inc.
Mission Statement

Deliver the highest quality engineering and installation services to our customers in the telecommunications voice and data network arena.

Company History

HCI, Inc. was initially established in 1982 as Hood Communications, a subsidiary of Lombardy Holding’s. Hood Communications became the company’s primary entry into the field of telecommunications. With the Divestiture of AT&T, Hood became a leading supplier of Engineering and Installation services to Pacific Bell and GTE in California. In 1997, Hood Communications changed the name of the company to HCI, Inc. Today, HCI is operated as a separate wholly owned entity of Lombardy Holdings,Inc.

HCI is the largest of Lombardy Holdings subsidiaries and is comprised of two separate divisions: HCI Inside Plant, HCI Outside Plant. Through these units, HCI provides a wide range of contracting services and operates primarily as an Inside and Outside Plant Telecommunications Engineering and Installation services provider to a wide range of customers.

Office Locations
  • Norco, Ca (Corporate Campus)
  • Anaheim, Ca
  • San Diego, Ca
  • Bakersfield, Ca
  • Fresno, Ca
  • San Marcos, Ca
  • Whittier, Ca
  • HCI Contractor’s License # 378587
  • C-7 Low Voltage
  • C-10 Electrical
  • A General Engineering
  • B General Construction
  • TL-9000- V / ISO 9001:2008
  • Bicsi Certified
  • Amp Product Certified
  • Corning Product Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • Cisco Network Administrator